Spring is in the Air.

Yay. Spring. Let's celebrate. Hurray. Hurrah. Hurroh.

Alright, I happen to really love spring, but this isn't a blog about things that I ♥, this is a blog for the things that I am bitter over. There are a few things that make me feel bitter when I realize that spring is just around the corner...
  • I no longer have an excuse for not shaving my legs (really, the furriness keeps me warmer. I swear, it has nothing at all to do with laziness)
  • I no longer have an excuse for not going to the gym (it's SO far away, the roads are bad, what if it snows? What if the temp drops and the roads ice over?)
  • I no longer have an excuse for being an anti-social recluse (but it's SO COLD out there. I refuse to leave the house for less than 40* F)
  • I no longer have an excuse for not eating my fruits & veggies (but they're NOT in season, so really, I should stick to things that are, like popcorn, and beer, and popcorn)
  • I no longer have an excuse for not washing my car (it's COLD. the water will freeze on my car as soon as I leave the bay and that 's bad for your car. Really, it is. I know I read it somewhere. Best to wait until the temps are above freezing)
  • I no longer have an excuse for not showering every day (it's COLD. the water will freeze on my body as soon as I leave the steamy warmth of the shower. It's warmer inside my sweats, and besides, it's not like I'm sweating, or working out. It's not like I have to see other people or anything)
  • I no longer have an excuse for my whiteness (it's a nice winter color. it helps me blend in with my surroundings. I'm showing my support for winter)
  • I can no longer wear my winter hats, which I love (I mean really, who wants to be THAT woman, wearing her wool hat in May, smelling like cat pee, muttering incoherently...)
  • I can no longer wear my winter coats, which I love (and I paid good money for them too! Now I'm going to have to pack them up in a box with all my other forgotten winter wear)
  • It's job search season (Ugh!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I wish I worked in a normal field of work where you can apply to new jobs year-round)
  • I have to re-evaluate my wardrobe (Huh, how long can I get away with wearing these cords? I should probably put the sweats away for the season, right? What do you mean wearing eight layers of pajamas to bed isn't sexy?)
  • It's season/series finale season (Nooooooooooo!!! I'll miss you, Lost)
  • The birds are back (Oh Christ. Now I have to start watching over my head again. I loved my winter reprieve break from my irrational fear of our feathered friends flying over-head)
  • It's rain season (At least during winter, when it snows, you get snow days. No one cancels for a rain day. You just have to suffer through that shit)
  • It's birthday season (We just finished the Holiday season, now it's time for Birthday season. Why is everyone's birthday in April and May? Are people hornier in the hot sweltering summer months or something?)

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