...it was flaming, flames... flames on the side of my face...*

I woke up with this song in my head.

Well, more specifically, I woke up with these lyrics in my head...

I'm going crazy, I'm losing sleep
I'm in too far, I'm in too deep... over you
You were the first to be the last

This is how the song goes in my head. I'm perplexed by that last line. What does it mean, "you were the first to be the last?" It doesn't make any sense. How can you be the first to be the last?

Of course, I turn to the internet to further explore these lyrics and get some sort of understanding as to what's going on here.

My first discovery... this song is called "The Flame" and it's by Cheap Trick, you know, the group that brought us "I Want You to Want Me?" News to me. I was expecting Journey, but I've never been any good with names.

My second discovery... the real lyrics** actually go, "You were the first, you'll be the last." Oh! Well, this makes so much more sense.

This is just another classic case of misheard lyrics. My musical library (as in the one in my head) is full of misheard lyrics. Maybe someday I'll discover the truth behind "Flat-bottomed Girls" and "Shot Glass Man," but I kind of like my versions, so maybe not.

Please, enjoy this video.

* a Clue reference
** lyrics brought to you by Lyrics Freak. You can find the full lyrics here.

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