The Bitter Blonde ♥s Beer...

... and cupcakes, and in a perfect world these two would procreate and have rich and yummy offspring. And in a perfect world, I would be able to eat said offspring.

Well, one out of two's not bad...

Check it out! Beer in cupcake form! There are some pretty genius bakers over at (cacao) sweets & treats! I never would have imagined you could combine two such glorious treats together. They offer a rich stout (Guinness), a rich ale (Newcastle) and a citrus variety (Blue Moon). This goodies are marketed to men, but I know quite a few women (me! me!) who would enjoy them as well. You can find them here.

Or maybe beer isn't your thing, maybe you're an old fashioned kind of guy (or girl) and you prefer some good old fashioned whiskey (me! me!) in Irish Car Bomb style. These sweat treats combine Guinness, Jameson and Bailey's into what I can only imagine is a perfect trifecta of heavenly proportions. I mean, these are like a grown-up version of Hostess cupcakes. You can find them here.

Or maybe your tastes are more refined. Maybe you're a wine connoisseur at heart (me! me!), in which case you might prefer these Gourmet Wine Cupcakes. With a choice between Merlot, Chardonnay or Zinfandel, these tasty treats are sure to satisfy any oenophile. You can find them here. (It should be noted that the alcohol is cooked out during baking, so these treats are suitable for all ages. For a look at other goodies offered at (cacao) sweets & treats, click here).

Again, in a perfect world, these would be eggless and I could eat them. In an even more perfect world egg allergies wouldn't even exist in the first place! Whatever. Enjoy your *bleeping* cupcakes.

UPDATE: Rumor has it (and this comes straight from the baker's mouth) eggless and gluten free versions are being test run. Sweet! 

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