Neglected Beauty

I came across the work of CareyPrimeau while browsing Etsy last night. 

I immediately fell in love with the haunting beauty of his photographs. 

While he offers prints of his Neglected Beauty for sale on Etsy

be sure to pop over to his web site and check out the rest of his portfolio

You won't be disappointed.


I Wanted My Big Sister

It's been building up.
and building up.
and creepy crawling up.

I couldn't take it anymore.
any of it.
any of you.

I tried to fight it back.
and again.

The tears came out.
and they didn't stop.
and they couldn't stop.

The heavy weeping.
and the sobbing.
and the heaving.

I just kept on.
and on.
and on.

I didn't really want you.
and you sat there.
and you stared.

I wanted my big sis.
and her reassurances.
and her comforts.

She would've made me laugh.
at you.
at it all.

She would've helped me through.
and I would have been okay.
and I would have been better.

But she wasn't here.
and I cried.
and you didn't know what to do.


Let's Be Blunt...

...these ecards are great. I know exactly who I would send them too. You can find them at Bluntcard.com.