Nursery Inspiration: The Color Board

I think I've finally narrowed down my choices for paint color for the nursery furniture, as well as accent colors for decor (we rent, so we can't paint the walls).

Valspar LA1214 Glass Green
Olympic A12-6 Summer Squash
with accents of green, pink and off-white

(please note: The online color swatches don't do the physical paint swatches justice. 
Glass Green is less baby blue and more aqua, and Summer Squash is brighter. 
Both can be found at Lowes.)

And I've already picked up a few inspirational decor items from my two favorite places to window shop, Etsy and Anthropologie. 

 Strawberry Lemonade Scalloped Garland by Etsy seller Stacey Winters

 Buttercup Hook from Anthropologie, in green, which is no longer available (I bought it on sale)

Summer Butterfly Russian Doll Print by Etsy seller Amy Perrotti

I think I'm finally getting excited about this whole nursery decorating thing.


  1. Thank you for choosing my Summer Butterfly Russian Doll Print and for including it in this post! I like your colors and other choices too. Happy decorating! :)