Finding My Maternity Style (or lackthere of)

Let's be honest, while maternity clothing has come a looong way from our mother's prego-wear, and certainly from our grandmother's, there is still a lot left to be desired when it comes to maternity shopping. I, for one, am pretty fed-up with all the tent-like tops and less-than appealing elastic banded pants. My sense of style has always tended towards the relaxed, laid-back side. Thanks to Hollywood and the baby-bump craze, there are definitely fashionable baby-bump clothing out there for almost every style, however, unless you've got the pocketbook of a celebrity, it might be hard to find affordable clothing that best reflects you. I know I've been having a heck of a time trying to find maternity wear that fits my personal style. So I've been improvising.

Here's what I wore today...

*Please forgive the poor quality of this photo.
Tank: Lace Trim Camisole from Calvin Klein; on sale approx. $12
Sweater: Long-Sleeved Crochet Sweater from Motherhood Maternity; approx. $35
Skirt: Samba Skirt from DownEast Basics; $22
Necklace: A graduation gift purchased from Etsy seller Risky Beads; Free (for me)
Shoes: a pair I've had for so long I couldn't even begin to tell you where I got them from


  1. Please clarify this for me. Is the color off on my monitor, or are you really wearing a PINK skirt? (If you say that it's not pink, but salmon, then I will slap you). :-)

  2. @Hope- Thanks!
    @Krista- Technically it's called peach bud. Kind of an orangey-pink (I've worn touches of pink before, you know).