One of my favorite DIY, culinary whizzes, creatively inspiring, and fabulous bloggers is The Fab Miss B. Her posts always make me envious and wishing 1) that I had more free time (ahem, ambition) to pursue creative, handmade endeavors and 2) that I lived in Hawaii. I was checking out Miss B's archives when I came across a post that linked to this great bakers' supply site, Fancy Flours. Here are a few of my favorite items. Be sure to check out both The Fab Miss B and Fancy Flours.

Such pretty colors!

Normal me doesn't like white chocolate. 
Pregnant me seems to enjoy it more than milk or dark chocolate.

Love, love, love daisies!


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  1. LOL, I only seem to like white chocolate at Easter, in the shape of bunnies - of course!