Nursery Inspiration: My Sources

As soon as I found out I was having a girl, I hit the internet and searched design blogs and baby departments for hours. I knew I wanted nothing to do with traditional gender colors nor did I want a matchy-matchy nursery. I don't know what initially drew me to yellow, but something about the bright sunshiny color became inspiring. And being a long-time fan of turquoise, I had settled on my color palette, thus creating a starting off point for my nursery vision. My endless searching had me bookmarking many, many pages and collecting numerous pictures of nurseries featuring things I loved. And then I created an inspiration board, something I'd seen on plenty of design blogs. I thought an inspiration board would give me direction and a goal. Here's what it looked like:

1. I loved the idea of a bird mobile for the baby's room, but, quite frankly, I was appalled by the cost of these precious hangings; anywhere from $50 to $100+! Yikes!
2. I liked the idea of yellow curtains, and I came across these at World Market (I think). Unfortunately, they're no longer available.
3. I loved, loved, loved the look of an all yellow crib. I had decided that this, a bright and sunshiny crib, would be the focal point of my room.
4. For whatever reason (I blame hormones), I was falling in love with everything lacy, which, typically, is very much unlike me. This handcrafted pendant light (no longer available) caught my eye, but came with a hefty price tag. I figured this would be an item for my DIY To-Do list.
5. Again with the lacy. These curtains from World Market also appealed to me.
6. This print pretty much became the driving factor behind this board. I loved the colors and the traditional Russian doll (daddy-to-be's family is Ukrainian).
7. I thought all white bed linens would look so sweet with the bright yellow crib (source unknown).
8. I love these drawer pulls from Anthropologie. But at $18 a piece, were they really worth it?
9. Just as the picture says, I thought the turquoise color of this dresser would be lovely for a changing table. I also liked the idea of a table top chalkboard (source unknown).
10. I thought these birds were too cute, and I loved that they were made from vintage maps.
11. This hanging mobile also caught my eye (source unknown).
12. I loved the bright, bold color of this changing table, and I thought this color would be perfect for my yellow crib.

There were a few more ideas that I was interested in, but they didn't make this inspiration board (I had the best intentions of making a second one, but that didn't pan out). Here were a few more of my inspirations:

I loved the idea of wall shelves as a bookcase. (Source)

I thought this was such a clever idea. (Source)

The pom poms in this nursery seemed so fun!

All-in-all, after searching and searching, it seemed inevitable that I would end up with a sweet, slightly girly, yellow and turquoise nursery. However, as projects tend to go, this one took on a life of it's own and I ended up with something slightly different. But that's a post(s) for another day!

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