Nursery Inspiration

With a little one on the way, I've been hitting the web in search of some inspiration for our nursery decor. I'm not one to be swayed by the pre-packaged, matchey-matchey, themed sets you can find at most retailers. Staying true to my personal style, I'm looking for more of an eclectic, DIY, retro, hand-me-down, revamp kind of look. If that makes any sense.

Here are some nurseries that have really caught my eye.


I think browsing for nursery inspiration has become my new obsession, which (and I'm sure my sister will agree) is better than my previous one, browsing for baby shower ideas. 

And if you liked this post, be sure to stay tuned. There will be plenty more to follow. Trust me.

1, 4, & 6 via House of Turquoise
2, 3, & 5 via mon petit amour
7, 8, 9, & 10 via Project Nursery

1 comment:

  1. 1. Love the shelves.
    2. Eh.
    3. Cute. A tad more girlie than I would have expected from you.
    4. Eh.
    5. I like the letter card idea.
    6. Call me crazy, but I like those puff ball things.
    7. This one is screaming you!
    8. Eh.
    9. Double eh.
    10. Seems a little too cluttered for you.

    Keep 'em coming!