The Bitter Blonde burns a bridge

It's 3:30pm. I've been at work since 8:30am with no break, mind you. I'm going to be at work for another hour and a half. I've been busy all day with meetings, research interviews and scheduling. I have nearly 100 minutes of audio to MANUALLY transcribe TONIGHT when I get home from work. And I haven't eaten since breakfast. The vent is banging overhead, my obnoxious coworker is blabbering in my ear, and I'm on the brink of ripping the hair out of my head.

In walks a professor with an armload of what I can only assume are multiple drafts of the next War and Peace. She looks at me...

"Can you do some work for me?"

She does know it's 3:30pm, right? She did get my email yesterday telling her that I wouldn't be available to help her until at least mid-March since my other job responsibilities have doubled, right? And she did see in the same email that the other G.A. has literally no work to do, I mean, aside from annoying the piss out of me, right?

I laugh. She's serious. I stop laughing.

"Um, I'm pretty busy right now, but I can probably help you in a week or two."

Apparently NOT the response she was looking for.

"Two weeks!? I need these theses (that would be the plural form of thesis) scanned. It's for your class. They're examples for you all to look at."

 Okay, for one, telling me it's work for a class that I'm taking, that I'm paying to take, no less, is not going to lessen my current work load or make me more motivated to help. Further more, I guarantee no one in the class has the time nor the desire to read them. But I believe in Karma, and I try to be flexible and accommodating.

"Well, when do you need it done for?" 

I'm thinking I might be able to sneak in a few pages here and there during some down time. You know, like when I should be eating lunch, or maybe in lieu of a bathroom break.

"For tomorrow."

Did she....? Did I hear that right? Did she just say... tomorrow?

Hold the phone now, folks! This is MY professor, right? MY professor who knows that I'm THREE WEEKS behind on my research? MY professor who is well aware that a good majority of my research is being conducted over the next two weeks? MY professor who knows that I only work as a G.A. for 20 hours a week, at a measly $7.50 an hour? MY professor who has been informed that my workload has doubled this semester?

I laugh. I'm sorry; I can't help it.

She scowls. She leaves. I'm fucked, but I'm too deliriously tired to do anything about it.

I'll apologize tomorrow.

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