10 Things I Love

One of my favorite design bloggers, Elsie at A Beautiful Mess, does a recurring Sunday post, 10 Things I Love Sunday. Since becoming an avid reader of her blog nearly a year ago, I have become so inspired by her sense of design. I'm also inspired to create my own "10 Things I Love" post. Enjoy!

 1. The Great Harvest Bread Co. A student gave me a loaf of Orange Cranberry bread for Christmas, and I was so impressed by it I stopped in and picked up some breads for Christmas gifts. Everyone in the bakery was so friendly and welcoming!

2. Cool concrete necklaces from Etsy seller, DrCraze.

3. Books refurbished into handbags, by Etsy seller, bibliobags.

4. This Kindle skin by GelaSkin.

5. And this Kindle skin is pretty cool too. By DecalGirl.

6. And this one's pretty great too!(I'll never be able to make up my mind) Also by GelaSkin.

7. This adorable dress from Anthropologie.

7. These funky shoes. Also from Anthropologie.

8. This quirky comedy. Available now for instant watch on Netflix.

9. These yummy Japanese gummies by Kasugai. I received these for Christmas from my Secret Elf as part of an awesome collection of Japanese treats, ornaments, and a gift certificate for sushi!

10. This powerful commercial. It makes me tingle and tear up every time I watch it.

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